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Negative existence and creation myths

In the center of space there was, in the morning of time, a great abyss called Ginnunga-gap, the cleft of clefts, the yawning gulf, whose depths no eye could fathom, as it was enveloped in perpetual twilight. North of this abode was a space or world known as Nifl-heim, the home of mist and darkness, in the center of which bubbled the exhaustless spring Hvergelmir, the seething cauldron, whose water supplied twelve great streams known as the Elivagar. As the water of these streams flowed swiftly away from its source and encountered the cold blasts from the yawning gulf, it soon hardened into huge blocks of ice, which rolled downward into the immeasurable depths of the great abyss with a continual roar like thunder.

 – Helene A. Guerber, Myths of the Norsemen

The above passage reminded me of the Qabalistic explanation of how the universe came into being.

There are three layers, or “veils” of the unmanifest lying just beyond Kether. Ain, meaning “nothing”; “Ain Soph, “limitless nothing”; and that which lies closest to Kether, Ain Soph Aur, “boundless light emanating out of nothing.”

 – Kala Trobe, Magic of Qabalah

The twelve great streams hardening into ice remind me of the emanations from Kether, the god-head, flowing through the nine remaining Sephiroth and culminating in Malkuth, the earthly realm.

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