Amanda (absintheforest) wrote,

Second chances

I realized sometimes you do get a second chance. I have yearned to go to college all over again, make different choices, experience life as a student in the present-day. Only in the last few weeks have I realized how completely possible it is. It’s difficult to believe that a month ago, I did not have this plan in mind at all, and now I am enrolled, ready to start school on Friday.

I was led by the desires of my heart. I wanted to learn Korean language fully, to become immersed in the culture of Korea, and of other Asian countries. I discovered a program at my local university for localization and translation certification, which could make possible careers in translating products or texts from English to Asian languages. On the other hand, I yearn to translate Korean and other Asian literature into English.

This isn’t something I would have majored in before. My interest in Asian culture developed quickly after college, but during college I did not pursue interests outside of my studies and field.

When I began to dream of my future, I truly became my own hero. I was no longer pressed against the glass windowpane looking at someone else’s blog or Instagram, feeling the envy that has marked my life for years unknowingly. I have not seen anyone else going into this field. The envy I felt was a harbinger of the discontent I feared acknowledging to myself about my own life. I have never known the secret code, the words to express my own desire, till that day I was looking for a Korean language class, something more serious than Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone could offer me.

I didn’t act on the great passion I felt at first for the idea. However, I began to look into the classes and see if it would be possible to take them and continue to work full-time. When I saw it was possible, I began taking steps to enroll and rearrange my work schedule. There wasn’t even one hitch.

So I am to experience the student life, this time in the digital age, and as a fully-fledged adult. I appreciate every moment of this experience, everything I have experienced so far, and everything until I am fluent in Korean and can look for work in a related field. My passion for the humanities has come full circle.

Part of me wishes I could have started this sooner, but till now I haven’t been able to recognize how deep my interest in Asian studies really is. My dream is to one day move to Austin and be able to attend graduate school at UT, and take advantage of the Asian studies program there. I want to believe that the timing, right now, is just as it should be.

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