Amanda (absintheforest) wrote,

LJ Meme

Taken from reynardine's journal.

Name/Nickname: Amanda.

Age/Birthdate/Sign: 35 / April 14 / Aries (Virgo Rising)

Myers-Briggs (if you know it): INFJ

How long have you had your LJ: Since July 4, 2005. The original username was amanda_mont. My original LJ was amanda_story, started 2004. I created a new journal for my married name.

What does your username mean: Last April I changed it to absintheforest. For me, it symbolizes the confusion that I feel as I move forward in life, like being lost in a forest, amidst dream-like hallucinations.

What is your favorite thing about LJ: The fact that LJ has always been subcultural, a haven for goths and others outside of mainstream society.

What is your least favorite thing about LJ: The image sizing in most templates needs to be updated. The fact that I have to worry about both image sizes and post cuts is a huge downside for me. These are both things that other blogging sites take care of automatically. I hope LJ updates those very basic issues soon.

What is your motivation on Live Journal? My main attractions are BJD (now inactive), cross stitch and craft communities, and to meet others with common interests. I hope to develop links to others that will last beyond Livejournal if I ever leave. I discovered so many passions here: manga, BJDs, Visual Kei, EGL, Mori Girl, Fairy Kei.

Have you ever met anyone on your F List in real life? Yes, when the LJ BJD community was more active, I met several in meet-ups.

Do you have a paid subscription? I have had a paid account for several years.

Where do you live: Fort Worth, Texas.

Do you have an accent? It depends on the circumstances. Others have often remarked that I have no disernible accent.

Do you have pets:
Two dogs: Chevre is a poodle, and Gaston is a chihuahua.

Three cats: Jade Moon is an angora, we think, Mewen is Siamese, and Olive is a long-haired tuxedo. We adopted all of them from shelters except Olive, who came from a friend.

Five chickens: Rose Red is a Rhode Island Red, and Gavril the rooster is a mini Rhode Island Red. Snow White, Cinderella and Beauty are unknown breeds.

And a green-cheeked conure named Dewey.

Do you/did you go to school: Yes. I have a degree in Biology and English minor from Texas A&M. Right now I am in school earning a Certificate in Localization and Translation at UTA. 

Do you work: Yes, I work as a microbiologist at a pharmaceuticals company.

Where/What do you do: I test samples for microbiological safety. Before this, I was a quality control chemist in two different positions. I also worked as a scientist in product safety at Mary Kay.

Do you have more drama at home or at work: I normally have more drama at work.

What do you often write about: I normally share my hobbies, travel, and reading notes here. I am not as casual and on-the-fly as I used to be in writing entries. That doesn't come naturally anymore for me.

What else should readers know: I try to connect with friends through comments, though I feel my comments are often awkward. Please bear with me.

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