Amanda (absintheforest) wrote,

Ideas & Inspiration

Tonight I drew the Ideas & Inspiration card from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards.

Keep going, I feel I hear in this message. Press on. Keep trusting myself, and don’t get bogged down. My card this month, The Emperor, is a challenge to me, and yet I feel it is allowing me to reconnect with my methodical behaviors from childhood. My current schedule leaves me with little room for getting bogged down, or for self-doubt. With nowhere to sit, I press onward, and it’s dizzying.

I feel even more challenged by this message. I know it’s a sign I need to connect with the wellspring within myself in order to sustain both my strength and spirituality. I need to allow something deeper and more meaningful to guide my actions, rather than restricting my time to what I have been taught is practical. I can feel how something deep within me requires sustenance that neither mundane tasks nor entertainment can provide. I need to reach into the unknown and create, break through the thin layer of icy fear that forms in a short time, as short as a few weeks, when I avoid creative work.

Tags: angels, divination, healing with the angels oracle cards, ideas & inspiration, oracle cards, spirituality
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